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Number of Cards:
  • 🔎 - number of unique searches vs. the total number of searches in session.
  • 🔖 - number of highlight events in a segment vs. the whole session.
  • 📝 - number of notes made in the segment vs. the whole session.
  • 🦄 - number of unique documents opened vs. all documents opened in this segment.
  • 📖 - answers: "Is the number of documents opened in this segment above or below average?" Average calculated from the sum of all document open events divided by the number of segments.

Show Notes:


Provenance Segment Visualization

Session Summary

They focused on <<12>> main topics in this analysis session; exploring <<24%>> of the dataset. The topics that received the most attention throughout were <>. They started searching for <>, before transitioning to <> and finally looking for <>. The segment with the most new content was segment <<4>>. Segment <<5>> was the longest period of time where they opened <> than usual. The shortest segment (#<<2>>) focused almost entirely on <>. They conducted <<13>> searches throughout their session, especially in segment <<5>>.

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